SKENE – Info

SKENE – some background information

SKENE was born in 1990 as “Ghaqda Atturi Luqa” with aim of helping youngsters from Luqa to explore and cultivate the arts and their talents. Since then SKENE has come a long way with a number of theatrical productions which were staged not only at the local theatre but also at other venues around the island of Malta.

With the restructuring of the premises (including the Theatre which was completely refurbished with new seating, control room, electricity and appliances) an effort was also carried out by SKENE to upgrade their productions. The effort became a reality thanks to the continuous backing of the various parish priests and their theatre director, Fr. Ġwann Abela ofm. On the tenth anniversary of their foundation the group changed their name into “SKENE” in an effort to “re-qualify” their productions. This “renaming” continued with the change of the Theatre’s name into “Metanoia”… thus the shift was completed…

SKENE is made up of volunteers who dedicate most of their spare time for these productions. Hours of labour go into each and every work produced and a substantial financial investment is done for each production. SKENE has always invested, not only huge sums of money, but also and above all energy. Financially SKENE has always tried to make ends meet thanks to their patrons and sponsors. But these investments go beyond the productions. They build human relationships, they encourage sharing, strenghten friendships and bring out hidden talents. Malta needs more breathing space in the arts… SKENE is here to give this opportunity even if this is a challenge to one and all.