ĦELSIEN – the director

Joseph Fenech – biography 

Joseph Fenech, born 28th June 1973.  He started acting at the age of 13 at the local youth centre in Żejtun.  After a few years he stopped acting and started playing basketball.  His basketball career lasted only seven years and at the age of 23 he wanted to take acting more seriously.  So he decided to take theatre training which he did for three years under the tuition of Maltese actor John Suda.

In the meantime he started taking part in theatrical productions.  One of the first and very successful productions he took part in was the musical ‘Scrooge’ produced by ‘Teatru Rjal’.  From then on he never looked back and he took part in various theatrical productions such as ‘Lejla Ebejer’, ‘Tislih is-Serp’, ‘Idejn il-Vjolinista’, ‘guzepimattewcallus.com’ and many more with various production companies and in various theatres around Malta like ‘St. James Cavalier’, ‘MITP’, ‘Catholic Institute’.  He also met some great maltese directors which he had the pleasure to work with such as John Suda, Bryan Muscat, Zep Camilleri, Lino Farrugia.

In 2009 he was contacted by Skene to take part in a passion play at Metanoia theatre.  There he met the late Fr. John Abela and he took part in two passion plays written and directed by Fr. John Abela himself.  From then on he took part in the passion play produced by Skene every year.

In the meantime Joseph went to perform abroad in a ‘Circustheatrecamp’ in Germany twice, in 2005 and 2007.

Joseph also had been given roles on local TV as well.  His first appearance on TV was in ‘Shelly Rayner’ thanks to Mark Doneo.  After that he took part in several TV series such as ‘Il-Madonna taċ-Ċoqqa’, ‘Is- Salib tal-Fidda’, ‘Fredu l-Fra’, ‘Marvin’, ‘La Famiglia’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Il-Klikka’.  He was nominated twice for ‘The Malta TV awards’ as best supporting actor in ‘Miraklu’ and ‘Fredu l-Fra’.

He also took part in a movie called ‘Qerq’ which was shown in local cinemas around Malta, produced by Bronk Productions.

This year he will be embarking on a new adventure!  He was approached by Skene to direct a play together with Marvic Okoh.  This will be the first time in his career and he is very excited but really looking forward to it.

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