ĦELSIEN – the director

Marvic Okoh – biography

Marvic Okoh, born 16th October 1977 joined ‘Għaqda Atturi Luqa’ at the age of 12 and made her debut on stage in 1992 where she played Mary in the play ’Ghaliex Jien?’.  She continued featuring in the group’s plays till the age of 15 when she joined LAP Productions and later ActReacT, where she trained under Alison McKenna and Ray Mangion .

At the age of 17, Marvic started taking a more active role in the production side of theatrical performances, mainly as production secretary and deputy stage manager.  She has worked on musicals such as ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Evita’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’, ‘Fame’, ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘The Secret Garden’ and many more.

Marvic graduated in Theatre Studies and Psychology in 1999 and this has helped her look at theatre from a different perspective.  She currently works as a teacher where she also plays an active role in organizing the annual Prize Day and the Christmas Concert.

In 2004, she joined MADC where she worked as deputy stage manager on most of the panots produced by MADC, working closely with directors Nanette Brimmer, Steve Casaletto and Fredrick Testa.  With MADC, Marvic has also participated in a number of other theatrical productions including Shakespeare productions and ‘The Great Big Radio Show’ where she worked closely with Polly March.  Marvic has also worked with Acting House Productions on the productions ‘The Bear’ and ‘A streetcar named desire’ working under the direction of Irene Christ.  For FM Productions, Marvic has worked on ‘Are you being served’ and most recently ‘Pinnochio – The Panto’ under the direction of Chris Gatt.

Marvic takes also an active role in the production of Good Friday plays and has been highly influenced by the late Ġwann Abela ofm after working with him on such productions.  Since 2005 she has been stage managing all the Good Friday plays at Skene. For 5 years she managed the Skene Theatre Classes, which role she had to subsequently give up because of other work commitments.  Recently she has been co-directing the play ’Ħelsien‘ with Joseph Fenech.  Marvic hopes that through her work on ‘Ħelsien’ she will be able to put into practice what she has learnt through both her academic studies and her previous collaboration with great directors.

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